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Audrey Kintzi: The Definition of Ebullience!

The dictionary defines an ebullient person as one overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement.  That definition fits Audrey perfectly!  She is a speaker, trainer, instructor who is full of ebullience!  Audrey has a zestful enthusiasm that will immediately charge your group or organization.  She is full of energy and excitement and her enthusiasm is contagious.  Your employees, board members, students, donors or guests will definitely enjoy this exuberant professional and will leave feeling fully energized and excited.

About Audrey

A professional Fund Raiser by trade, Audrey’s background includes communication and theatre as well.  She earned her Master’s Degree and her Bachelor of Science from Minnesota State University – Mankato.

Audrey is an Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive.  Most recently, she served on the International Association of Fundraising Professionals Foundation board.  In 2004, Audrey was named the Outstanding Professional Fundraiser by the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Fund Raising Professionals.

Audrey shares her knowledge of fundraising, marketing, and public relations by presenting at conferences and teaching classes.  Audrey has worked with executives, students, board members, and committees all over the United States.

Audrey Kintzi, ACFRE